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:: The University ::

Founded in 1872, the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna, known too by its acronym "BOKU", now comprises 13 departments and four service centres in Vienna, as well as a number of experimental centres around Vienna. The university has approx. 5000 students (of which 15% are international), provides courses at the bachelor, masters and doctoral levels, has approx. 700 permanent teaching staff who are also engaged in research, a broad range of external lecturers, and some 430 persons working in services and administration.

The university sees itself as a teaching and research institution that focuses on renewable resources that are a prerequisite for human existence. The relationships between man, society and the environment form the basis of all activities at the BOKU, and its foremost aim is to make decisive contributions to securing the well-being of future generations. In this endeavour, it will seek ways of ensuring a sustainable and environmentally sound management of natural resources by allying the competences of the natural, engineering, economic and social sciences.

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:: Department for Applied Plant Science and Plant Biotechnology ::

The department’s area of research and teaching covers a wide range of topics from basic molecular biology, cell biology, plant biotechnology and applied plant sciences. Our aim is to form an ambitious and integrative research profil and to offer high level teaching in plant sciences and related fields.


:: Structure ::

The first semester has to be done at the BOKU (30 ECTS). 5 ECTS can be chosen freely.

In the next two semesters 55 ECTS have to be obtained, at least 30 of them at a partner university.

In addition, the master seminar (2 ECTS) and another seminar chosen from the “Science Management” section (3 ECTS) have to be completed. This also goes for students who want to get their double degree from the BOKU Wien as their partner university!!

In the fourth semester the students will writer their master thesis either at the BOKU Wien or a partner university (30 ECTS).

Double degree: If a student acquires at least 30 ECTS from one partner university they will receive the corresponding degree from the partner in addition to the Diplom-Ingenieur from the BOKU Wien

(Note: For binding information about the conditions for the double degree please contact the university!)

:: Admission ::

if Vienna is chosen as the home university
To enter the Master programme you must have a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Sciences or related subjects. There are no other entrance limitations or examinations.

Admission Deadlines for the 2010/2011 Academic Year

  • Winter semester: From 30 August until 08 October 2010 (grace period until 30 November 2007)
  • Summer semester: From 08 Februar until 12 March 2010 (grace period until 30 April 2010)

The application can be done at the Studiendekanat (Office of the Dean of Studies), 2nd floor, Counter 1 or 2.

For more explanations, especially regarding the definition of “Foreigner”, please consult the Studiendekanates webpage (in German) or call: +43-1-47654-0, Fax +43-1-47654/1044, or E-Mail: studdek(at)

It is also possible to pre-register online. Once you have applied online you will be provided with a registration number. You can then register within the admission period at the Studiendekanat with this registration number.


if Vienna is chosen as the partner university

Please send the Bewerbungsformular (mark Bilateral Exchange!) with

  • a photocopy of all six pages of the application
  • your Academic Transcript (an official list of all modules that you’ve taken)
  • your reservation of a student apartment (if you have one)
  • a passport photo
  • a copy of your passport

to: Universität für Bodenkultur Wien, Zentrum für Internationale Beziehungen, Joint Study, Peter-Jordan-Strasse 82a, A-1190 Wien, Austria

You will have to pay an inscription feeMendel_Haus_Front_Sonne_Copyright_Sperl

:: Contact ::

Univ. Prof. Dr. Astrid Forneck

Head of Institute of Horticulture and Viticulture

Tel.: 34 1 47654-3441

Gregor-Mendel-Straße 33
A-1180 Wien, Austria

:: Useful Links :

New: Compact Course WS 11/12: “Biology & Management of the Grapevine & Practies”

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