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More than 5,000 international students come to Humboldt-Universität which is more than 14% of all students. 1,400 of these international students we welcome through our student exchange programmes within the framework of University partnerships, through German Academic Exchange Service programmes, and also through European Union programmes (e.g. ERASMUS). Berlin is a multi-national and we try to give you the best support to enjoy your stay.

The Faculty of Agriculture and Horticulture
Campus Dahlem

About 1500 students are currentyl enrolled at the faculty. It is a member of different networks like the Research Platform Berlin-Brandenburg and is proud of its manifold national and international cooperations. The faculty is located on two campuses:

Campus Mitte
Invalidenstraße 42, Luisenstraße 56 und Philippstraße 13
U6 Naturkundemuseum or Oranienburger Tor

Campus Dahlem
Lentzeallee 55, 57, and 75, Albrecht-Thaer-Weg 3
U3 Breitenbachplatz or Podbielskiallee

Campus Sites





In the first Semester five compulsory modules have to be heard (total 30 ECTS)

At the second and third semester the students may choose from the common pool of all universities (total 60 ECTS). 5 Credits have to be taken from the field of “Complementary Activities” (this is not valid for students who choose Berlin as their partner for the double degree)

A minimum of 15 and a maximum of 45 ECTS have to be obtained from several partner universities.

During the forth semester students work on their thesis. The subject can be chosen by themselves, but the students can gather inspiration from a concrete scientific problem complex from actual research projects. The thesis will include experimental and analytical work and can be a major part of the students professional profile applying for their first job. (30 ECTS)

If at least 30 ECTS are acquired from one partner university (plus the master thesis) it is possible to receive also the degree from the partner university.



A) if Berlin is chosen as the home university

Applicants need to hold a degree in agriculture, horticulture, economics, environmental sciences, nutrition sciences, or relevant fields (min 180 ECTS). Other degrees may be accepted upon request. Your grade must be 2.5/B (good) or better.

Deadline: 1 June until 15 July. Your complete application must reach the university by these dates. The date as postmarked is invalid! Application is only possible for the winter semester.

There are no enrollment fee at Humboldt University but Applicants have to pay a registration fee of about 250 € including the semester ticket for Public Transportation.

Admission is possible only for the winter semester. The decision for acceptance will take in August.

There is the English language certificate C1 level (minimum) necessary The certificate must reach the university until 15 July together with the comlete application (see above). Non German applicants must show Basic German Language Knowledges (A1 level) 

It is important to know that Humboldt Students in the IMaHS also can import modules from Technical University Munich but they are not able to get a doubble degree with the TUM.


Documents online (only during application period)

Website of the International Office at HU Berlin

More information on the TestDaF can be found on the Internet


B) if Berlin is chosen as the partner university

Pleaes be so kind to look at our


for programme/exchange students coming from an IMaHS partner university


Students who wish not to to spend a whole semester at another university can aquire their ECTS in Summer Schools either during the semester or in the holidays. Summer Schools will taken place in a partner city and as guest lectures of a partner professor at your home university. To participate in a Summer School at the HU, no official admissions application is required.

Students who wish to pursure at a Summer School must register with Prof. Schmidt an submit necessary insurance certificate (health, liability or travel). Since students engagend in a Summer School are not registered students at HU, they will not have “HU-Student-Status”. As a result, students will not be provided with a public transportation pass and must pay for their own transportation. The minimum cost of public transportation will be appromximately 72 Euros per month. For specifici informtion about transportation cost go to

Application period
Winter Semester:  1 March - 15 May
Summer Semester: 1 October - 15 December

Please note: There is no proof of English or German language skills required, but we expect applicants to have a knowledge in German of at least 50 points in the C-Test and a knowledge in English of at least 90 points in the TOEFL/70 points in the C-Test!! You will need good basic knowledge of German to get around in Berlin! You can make the C-Test online on the Website of the Sprachenzentrum Berlin.

You have to apply online at About one month later you will receive the confirmation of your application per e-mail. Please note: When filling out the registration paper for HU, please do not check off the mandatory semester (Pflichtsemester). However, you must check off the university contract (Universitätsvertrag - UV).

The following documentation must be submitted in addition to the online application:
  1. Nomination certificate for studies based on an exchange programme issued by the partner university
  2. Please send it to: Dietmar Buchmann
    Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
                 Abteilung Internationales
                 Unter den Linden 6
                 10099 Berlin, DEUTSCHLAND

  3. Learning Agreement
  4. Previous academic achievements in the original (transcript of records)
  5. Please send it to Prof. Schmidt

During the enrollment following documents must be submitted:

  • Original certificates
  • Proof of paid tution fees
  • Proof of health insurance

ERASMUS (Budapest and Vienna)

Winter Semester:  1 April - 15 June
Summer Semester: 1 November - 15 January

Register online at (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Abteilung Internationales) and fill out the online application. Your application will then be checked and you will receive your nomination by e-mail after about two weeks. Your nomination needs to be signed by yourself and your home university’s Erasmus coordinator (official university seal!)
Send your application to:

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Abteilung Internationales

Unter den Linden 6
10099 Berlin

Erasmus-Incoming Team:
Office hours (only by phone): Monday 10-12h, Tuesday 13-15h
Tel. (+49 [0]30) 2093 - 2047

Coordinator at the Faculty:
Dr. Frank Riesbeck
Room 3132 Nordbau, Invalidenstraße 42
Tel.: (030) 2093 -8684

ERASMUS website

Application step-by-step

Students who would like to extend their stay for one semster.

  • From winter to summer semester: This is not possible for Erasmus.
  • From summer to winter semester: Please contact Mrs. Mücke. The extension request must first be signed by Erasmus coordinator (Dr. Riesbeck)
  • Frau Dörte Mücke
    Raum 3083, Unter den Linden 6
    Tel: ( +49/30) 2093 - 2155
    Fax: ( +49/30) 2093 - 2780

Students who would like to pursue a double degree (double major) (at the HU).

  Students from partner universities should decide as early as possible if they wish to
  obtain a multiple degree. If so, they have to notify the local IMaHS programme
  coordinator of their decision and provide him with the required documents
  15 January (for intake in the summer semester) and before 15 July (for intake in the
  winter semester):

  • Bachelor degree certificate
  • Certificate of higher education entrance qualification
  • Transcript of records (Master)
  • Home address

  •    Students from partner universities have to enrol at Humboldt University as regular
       students on the Master programme “Horticultural Science” at Humboldt’s
       matriculation office for international students, university main building, Unter den
       Linden 6, room 1063 C (Mrs. Nürck; Email:

   Administration fees are approx. 50 Euro, while the fee for the public transportation
   ticket (= ’semester ticket’) comes to approx. 180 Euro (subject to change); hence,
   a total amount of approx. 230 Euro has to be paid per semester.

   Students who are initially registered at Humboldt University as ‘programme students’
   (Erasmus; university agreement) and decide later in favour of the multiple degree,
   have to proceed as described above, and must have their HU student status changed
   into ‘regular student’ on the Master programme “Horticultural Science” for the
   following semester.

   As most of you will probably return to their home universities after one semester at HU,
   you may be granted
academic leave
for the following semesters of your regular
   enrolment on the Master “Horticultural Science” at Humboldt University. In this case,
   you need NOT pay for the ‘semester ticket’, but have to pay administration fees of
   approx. 50 Euro.

   Please consult Humboldt’s matriculation office for international students directly if you
   have questions regarding your re-registration (Mrs. Nürck, see above).

   Note: You must be registered as ‘regular student’ on the Master programme
       “Horticultural Science” at Humboldt University until you finished your studies
       at your home university.


Prof. Dr. Uwe Schmidt, Vice Dean
Albrecht-Thaer-Weg 1
14195 Berlin
Tel.:( +49/30) 2093 46 410 (call for appointment)

For general questions please contact Johanna Suhl via e-mail.

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