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Corvinus University of Budapest was and still is the best institution of its kind in Hungary and also in the region. It is today an internationally recognized institution in the areas of both education and research. Operating with seven faculties the University provides Bachelor, Master and Doctoral programs in the areas of economics, business, public administration, horticultural science, food science, landscape architecture and social sciences. Corvinus University of Budapest invites you to join the community of international students who are visiting its programs in foreign languages in order either to get a degree or simply to spend a semester or a year gathering credits for their studies.


The Faculty of Horticulture

The Faculty of Horticultural Science, which was founded by a physician, Ferenc Entz in 1853, became one of the prominent places of European horticultural teaching during the last 150 years. The Faculty played an important and traditional role in formation of number of special horticultural regions of Hungary, appreciated worldwide. The activity of our professors and research-workers contributed in a great deal to the development of such regions as Tokaj, specialized for wine production, Szeged and Kalocsa, which are known from its paprika production, or East-regions of Hungary, which produce numbers of delicious fruits.
Currently, there are more than 2000 students matriculated at the Faculty of Horticultural Science under B.Sc. and M.Sc. training in Hungary and in surroundings. The training of Ph.D. students is one of the highly significant tasks of our education. Japan, American, EU and Middle East Institutions and Universities employ our former Ph.D. students, beyond to Hungary. 

Buda Campus

The buildings of the Faculty of Food Science, the Faculty of Horticulture and the faculty of Landscape Architecture are located on the slopes of the Gellért Hill which is one the most beautiful areas of Budapest. The Buda Botanical Garden is the gem of this campus, boasting over 1700 species of trees and shrubs and hundreds of  bulbs, perennials, annuals and container grown plants.  This garden is not only a place of learning and teaching, it is also a leisure faculty for students as well as for teachers.



The master program offers knowledge in horticultural and natural sciences, interdisciplinary aspects, an up-to-date basic knowledge and practical skills. Beside the special horticultural modules the study program includes (ornamentals, fruits, medicinal plants, vegetables, grape and wine) genetical, physiological, ecological, biometrical and related subjects.

During the study, the students have theoretical lectures, laboratory and farm practices, filed visits. There is a quite large freedom of the students in choosing courses according the personal interest. During preparation  of the thesis, they learn research practice, solving problems, synthesis results, thus, a possible PhD study is grounded. The study courses are completed by a 4 week’s farm practice period.

The program offers courses in the topics of breeding and biotechnology, plant and soil biochemistry, crop management, economics, crop ecophysiology and additional subjects. The curiculum consists of lectures, laboratory and farm practices. Students may choose a dissertation topic after the first semester- connected to one of the 5 horticultural branches (fruits, vegetables, medicinal plants, ornamentals and viticulture) or their interdisciplinary aspects. The dissertation is based on individual research work and should be defended at the end of the 4th semester.

After graduation, the students will be able organising and leading the production and marketing of horticultural enterprises of different size and character, carry out the tasks of managers, counsellors, engineers, take part in research and education.

According to our Multiple Degree agreement, the students of this program - when fullfilling the requirements of partial foreign education - may get the diplom also of the partner universities (TUM München, BOKU-Wien, UNIBO- Bologna, Humboldt-Berlin)



if Budapest is chosen as the home university

For foreign citizens:

  • academic BSc/MSc or equivalent degree in agricultural/life or related sciences;
  • English language (reading, writing, speaking, listening) knowledge.

Canditates are expected to have basic science knowledge (demonstrated in the transcript) in life sciences, natural resourches, agriculture, economics. Based on the credits of the applicants obtained in former graduation, additional maximum 24 credits from missing disciplines may be required during the study.

Candidates from countries where English is not the language of instruction need to have an internationally accepted English exam: TOEFL iBT min. 65, PBT 500, CBT 200 or IELTS at least a score of 5,5 or Cambridge CAE Certificate). These can be replaced by documentation of at least 2 years closed higher education study in an English program.

  • Deadline for sending the application package: 31 March
  • Exams: 27 April- 8 May (according to the shedule fixed before with the applicants)
  • Notification on admission/rejection/sending of the Learning Agreement (e-mail): 10 May
  • Deadline for sending back the Learning Agreement and Payment of fee for the first 2 semester: 30 June
  • Confirmation of the registration and possible start of visa application: after arriving the fee (latest 10 July)
  • Start of courses: 15 September

Fees: 1800 EURO/semester (payable at the start of the semester)
(Accomodation and life costs in Budapest: appr. 300 EURO/months)

Application package includes:

  • application form (word.doc);
  • diploma of previous studies (official English translation);
  • detailed demonstration of former studies (English diploma supplement or official English copy of learning documents demonstrating the obtained credits and skills);
  • motivation letter in English;
  • copy of passport with photo;
  • documents demonstrating English skills.

Documents should be posted to the following address:

Corvinus University of Budapest
Faculty of Horticultural Sciences
Dean’s Office
H-1118 Budapest, Villá¡nyi str. 29-43., Hungary


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